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Corporate Commercial Law

The Importance of Due Diligence

At some point during the life cycle of a business, owners will contemplate one of the biggest questions – do I sell or transition the business? Alternatively, they may decide to merge with or acquire another company to capitalize on growth opportunities.

BKS Law has worked on all sides of a transaction. When representing the buyer, we work closely with our clients to review the target company’s existing contractual obligations, so that our client is fully aware of the material risks involved. We also assist clients in their review of outstanding liabilities carried by the target company.

Our goal is to provide an objective view of a transaction and take necessary steps to maximize value for our clients and protect their interests.

Legal Advice for buying, selling & merging with a business

If you want to buy or sell an active business, there are many legal options available to you. The sale of a business can be structured as a share or asset sale, or a combination of both, each of which will impact the amount of money you receive as a seller, or spend as a purchaser, on the transaction.

BKS Law can assist you with developing the right legal strategy for your business, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing letters of intent.
  • Overseeing due diligence.
  • Preparing the asset purchase or share purchase agreement and supporting documents.
  • Preparing shareholder agreements for newly purchased businesses.
  • Planning beyond the transaction closing with upfront business and legal advice.
Our lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients throughout British Columbia and will help you identify your legal options, and what outcomes work best for your goals.

Tailored Legal Advice For Many Situations

Our lawyers tailor their legal advice to the unique needs of each client given his or her business goals, financial strategy, and potential liabilities. We assist with issues regarding property, assets, debts and other corporate complexities.