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Corporate Commercial Law

Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Contracts: Protecting Your Business Interest

Contracts can be complex and confusing documents. BKS Law will use its expertise to assist you in negotiating business contracts to protect your rights, clarify your obligations and reduce the chances of future litigation. With decades of experience serving clients throughout Greater Vancouver and British Columbia, our experienced contract lawyers assist individuals and business entities in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide array of contractual agreements.

Business Contracts for New and Growing Venture

Even if you are entering a business with an acquaintance, an associate or a relative, a detailed written contract is essential to set out each person’s rights and obligations. It is important to be clear on the terms of your contract and to customize them to meet your business needs. Templated contracts often do not account for the unique needs of your business. At BKS Law, we make sure your contracts meet the specifics of your transaction or agreement and identify risks so there are no surprises down the road.

We approach your contract with your needs in mind. Whether it is a closely held family business, a franchise, or a corporation, we help you determine the types of contracts needed to meet your business goals. We can also review any standard contracts that your business needs to succeed such as:

  • Shareholders, co-ownership, joint venture, or partnership agreements.
  • Business purchase, asset purchase and investments agreements.
  • Drafting or review of licences.
  • Confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants.
  • Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements.
Our legal team can help you negotiate the contracts essential to giving your business its best chance to prosper.

Protect Your Interests

When a contract is presented to you, do not sign it without seeking legal advice. BKS Law leverages years of comprehensive contract law experience, along with our understanding of you and your business, to examine the contract and ensure that your rights are protected. Before you sign a contract, we make sure you understand its terms and become aware of potential risks. If you should renegotiate it, we will tell you — and assist you to do so.