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Real Estate & Conveyancing

Commercial & Residential Financing

If you are conducting a significant real estate transaction, it is important to have experienced legal representation on your side. BKS Law can help ensure a smooth transaction and spare you from unnecessary risk and liability.

Commercial Borrowing & Lending

We understand the complexities of business financing and can review and provide advice regarding security documents provided by a commercial lender. We have the expertise to walk you through the borrowing process, explain your obligations under the lender’s security documentation and ensure that your business obtains the loan proceeds as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have decades of experience assisting business owners across all industries, including loans for complex land developments, agricultural businesses, automobile dealerships, and manufacturing and service industries.

Our services run from negotiating, to signing, to enforcing financing agreements, including:

  • Negotiating, reviewing and drafting loan agreements, mortgages, personal guarantees and collateral assignments.
  • Serving as a liaison between our clients and banks, providing representation that ensures our clients’ best interests are always protected.
  • Handling foreclosures and mortgage negotiations.

Representation for Lenders

Our firm represents major Canadian banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in the preparation of security for commercial loans. We also represent private lenders to secure their investments.

We draw on our expertise representing both commercial borrowers and lenders to give you the best possible service and advice.

Residential Financing & Mortgages

The purchase of a home may be the largest purchase you make in your life. Explaining the details of your purchase, as well as the mortgage financing, is important. As your legal advisors, we want you to leave our office fully aware of and comfortable with the documents you sign.

While other professionals may claim to be able to expedite a home purchase on your behalf, only a lawyer can give you legal advice on the contract and any potential issues. It is our responsibility to act in your best interest in such areas as:

  • Assisting with preparing and reviewing the mortgage application.
  • Communicating with the lender.
  • Reviewing the mortgage commitment letter.
  • Ensuring that conditions outlined in the commitment letter are satisfied prior to the closing.

Key Contacts

A Team Approach

The real estate department at BKS Law is team-oriented, working closely with private lenders, real estate agents and brokers to provide the highest-quality service to our clients. In addition to our legal counsel, our department has a full complement of experienced legal assistants who work for you.