A Tradition Of Sound Trust Strategies

Kim Karras has a long history of helping clients protect, manage and preserve their financial interests through effective estate planning solutions. We serve clients across the South Surrey-White Rock area and the lower mainland.

Delivering Tailored Trust Solutions

Trusts are an important planning tool that can be created during your lifetime or on your death. At BKS Law, we are committed to helping demystify trust strategies. By taking the time to gain a deep understanding of your assets, business and family circumstances, we can develop a trust that meets your particular needs.

Trusts are used in a wide variety of circumstances: to protect and preserve assets, to address challenges of blended families, to avoid or reduce probate fees, to efficiently dispose of assets, to create income-splitting structures, to hold assets for beneficiaries requiring special care or for minors, and to proactively provide and care for future generations.

Trusts we assist in establishing include:

  • Alter-ego trusts: An inter-vivos trust for clients over the age of 65 that may help with the deferral of capital gains, avoid or minimize probate fees and wills variation claims, and provide for privacy
  • Joint partner trusts: Similar to an alter-ego trust, but with both partners as the exclusive recipients of the trust’s income or capital
  • Testamentary trusts: Created as a result of death, in which a trustee is responsible for the management of property following the will-maker’s death to achieve, among other things, holding assets for minors or spendthrifts, and income splitting

We also have extensive experience helping to create discretionary trusts to provide for family members with disabilities, thus ensuring that these individuals are not disentitled to government assistance.

An Integrated Approach To Planning For The Future

Whether you are developing a business succession plan or want to protect your family’s future, we recognize that estate planning does not happen in isolation. Our goal is to design customized strategies using a holistic approach, consulting with your other advisors (financial planners, accountants, tax and insurance specialists) to best protect what matters most to you.

We value the relationships that we have with our clients and endeavour to provide ongoing estate planning solutions adapted to suit your life. We are here to help you find the peace of mind that comes with the right financial planning.

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