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Powers Of Attorney: Proper Care For You And Your Loved Ones

You may find yourself needing another individual to help you manage your financial and legal affairs as well as your property and assets. You can set up a power of attorney that legally designates another individual, known as an attorney, to manage your affairs when you are no longer in a position to do so – you are out of the country, you have suffered an injury or you are no longer capable. An enduring power of attorney allows the attorney to exercise his or her powers after you become incapable; a limited power of attorney can be prepared for a specific transaction.

At Brawn Karras & Sanderson, we have extensive experience helping individuals in the South Surrey–White Rock community draft powers of attorney that best meet their needs. It’s important to prepare these personal planning documents sooner rather than later, or you may miss the opportunity to have a say in who gets to make decisions on your behalf.

Choosing An Attorney To Appoint

Deciding whom to empower to act on your behalf is an important decision to make. The selected individual or individuals should understand the role and should be trusted to exercise the power granted.

It’s important to be clear in the directions you leave for these individuals. We will assist you with drafting documents that clearly outline the length of time attorneys are permitted to act and the limitations of their power. If the attorney abuses this power, we can help other members of your family protect your legal rights and interests.

Personalized Guidance For Instructing Your Attorney

With a full understanding of your personal and financial circumstances, together with your wishes and objectives, we can prepare a personalized power of attorney document to meet your needs.

We will advise you on ways to reduce the likelihood of conflict among your appointed attorney, family members and financial advisors and others who may have an interest in your affairs.

Call Us To Formalize Your Power Of Attorney

At BKS Law, we will listen to your concerns and wishes and work to create a power of attorney that meets your needs. Contact us via email or at 604-259-1620 or 877-470-7535 toll free to set up an initial consultation.