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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Pursuing Positive Outcomes in Business & Trust & Estate Disputes

At BKS Law, we provide a range of business and asset-related legal services upholding the highest standards of the biggest downtown Vancouver law firms, while offering competitive rates combined with flexibility and attention to clients of a legal boutique.

Representation in Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The BKS Law team provides experienced and competent legal representation to business owners, individuals, and partnerships in all aspects of business litigation, including contract disputes, partnership litigation, and disputes related to construction and employment.

We are dedicated to resolving business disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution. Negotiation is always the first strategy, and we excel at it. An out-of-court settlement is the quickest and lowest-cost solution. Often, alternative dispute resolution is also less time-consuming and costly than litigation in court. Our lawyers represent parties in mediation and arbitration and serve as neutral negotiators your business dispute.

As your law firm, our practical approach to commercial litigation ensures we are working towards your business goals. We can assist with disputes relating to:

  • Breach of contract claims.
  • Commercial real estate transactions and leases.
  • Contractual disputes between buyers and sellers.
  • Debt collection.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Service contracts, supply and distribution agreements.

Representation in Construction & Real Estate Litigation & Dispute Resolution

BKS Law regularly handles construction-related matters, and we have helped our clients resolve a wide range of disputes arising from projects of all sizes – from small residential renovations to large-scale commercial projects. Our lawyers have experience resolving matters such as:

  • Builders’ lien issues.
  • Contractual interpretation issues that arise during and after construction.
  • Delay and extra claims.
  • Progress disputes and completion issues.
  • Damages resulting from renovations or builds on neighbouring property.

Representation in Trust & Estate Litigation & Dispute Resolution

After a loved one passes away, the personal representative of the estate or trust is responsible for managing the estate and distributing the assets. Even when the deceased has a valid will or trust in place, there is no way of predicting how heirs or beneficiaries are going to react after the death of a loved one, or whether an unexpected event is going to occur. As such, there is always the possibility that a conflict or dispute may erupt.

BKS Law can help with some of the most common trust and estate litigation matters:

  • Misuse of estate assets by the estate trustee.
  • Wills variation claims.
  • Validity of the will.
  • Actions of the estate trustee.
  • Rightful ownership of assets bequeathed or gifted in the will.
  • Identifying assets that belong to the estate.
  • Disputes over trusts and powers of attorney.
  • Committeeship applications.
  • Interpretation proceedings.

Experience You Can Trust

Our legal team, led by Kim Karras, includes experienced staff dedicated to offering clients timely attention and personal service. We advise business owners through all stages of the business’s development and succession whether you are starting, growing, or selling your company.

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