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Protecting yourself as an estate administrator

Serving as an estate executor is a significant responsibility. In this role, you are tasked with carrying out a person's affairs after he or she passes away, and this can involve addressing a myriad of financial and legal matters.

Unfortunately, you might also have to make decisions that are not popular or well-received by beneficiaries. You can face accusations of fraud or misconduct, and beneficiaries may try to remove you. To protect yourself, you can take the following measures.

4 types of disputes that can derail family-run businesses

There are numerous benefits to running a family business, from providing security and opportunity for loved ones to having professional flexibility and freedom.

However, there are challenges for every new business owner. They must get the business up and running and navigate the complexities of business operations. Add in a family element, and the potential for challenges to arise can increase. Anticipating these challenges can help you avoid them and keep your business on track.

Creating a legacy: Make your estate plan your own

There are many ways people follow in their parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps. Some attend their father’s alma mater, use their grandmother’s gravy recipe or take over the business their mother started. However, when it comes to the legacy each of us leaves behind, it can be important to create your own path.

An estate plan is a vital tool that allows you to do this. Below, we examine how to use your estate plan to define your wishes and discuss why it is crucial that it reflects your unique interests.

5 tips for bringing young people into the family business

Running a small business can be a dream come true for owners. And many people hope to pass the company down to their children and grandchildren at some point.

If you hope to pass your business to the next generation, consider the following tips that can help you do so.

How do I make my first will?

Wills can be complex documents to create. Not only are they difficult at first, they need to be updated when there are significant changes in life circumstances - such as when someone buys their first property, gets married, or has kids.

But what should someone know about making his or her will the first time around? As outlined on the Sun Life Financial website, there are a couple of key considerations you may want to discuss with an experienced estate lawyer in order to determine how to draft a will best suited to your personal situation.

Detailed Wills Can Reduce Stress on Surviving Family

When you think about the future, and what may happen to your family after you pass away, you likely think about how you can leave them some protection or memento to ease their suffering.

You likely don’t consider the negative effects of what may transpire between family members after you are gone. While many people like to think that this emotional period will bring people together, the opposite is also true.

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