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How do I make my first will?

Wills can be a complex document to create. For many people, they often need to update their will at different periods throughout their lives – such as when they buy their first property, when they get married, and when they have kids.

But what should someone know about making his or her will the first time around? At outlined on the Sun Life Financial website, there are a couple of key considerations you may want to discuss with an experienced estate lawyer in order to determine how to draft a will suited to your personal situation.

Detailed Wills Can Reduce Stress on Surviving Family

When you think about the future, and what may happen to your family after you pass away, you likely think about how you can leave them some protection or memento to ease their suffering.

You likely don’t consider the negative effects of what may transpire between family members after you are gone. While many people like to think that this emotional period will bring people together, the opposite is also true.

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