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Surrey Financing Lawyers

The purchase of a home may be the largest purchase you make in your life. Explaining the details of your purchase, as well as the mortgage financing you obtain, is important to us. As your legal advisors, we want you to leave our office fully aware of and comfortable with the documents you have signed.

Benefits of a Lawyer

While other professionals may claim to be able to expedite a home purchase on your behalf, only a lawyer can give you legal advice on the contract and any potential issues. At Brawn Karras & Sanderson, our Surrey financing lawyers will explain the legal meaning of the paperwork you are signing so you are left with no unanswered questions.

We Explain the Details

As your legal counsel, it is our responsibility to act in your best interest. We will give you the detailed information you require in order to make a substantial financial decision, such as incurring a sizeable mortgage to purchase a family home. We seek to confirm that those we advise are comfortable with the contract they are about to enter into and fully understand its terms and conditions.

A Team Approach

The real estate department at our firm is team-oriented, working closely with private lenders, real estate agents and brokers to provide the highest-quality service to our clients. In addition to our legal counsel, our department has a full complement of staff members who work for you.

Our commitment to client service has resulted in loyalty from our clients. Many have returned to us for other legal needs, such as wills and estates planning, after their home purchase is complete.

White Rock Mortgage Lawyers

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