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Commercial Borrowing and Lending

Brawn Karras and Sanderson knows how daunting it can be for a business looking for financing to review a large stack of security documents provided by its lender. We have the expertise to walk you through the borrowing process, explain your obligations under the lender's security documentation, and ensure your business obtains the loan proceeds as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can help you negotiate terms with your lender where appropriate. We have decades of experience assisting borrowers across all industries, from loans for complex land developments, to loans for agricultural businesses, to loans for automobile dealerships.

On the other side of the coin, our firm represents major Canadian banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in the preparation of security for their commercial loans. We also represent private lenders to secure their investments.

We draw on our expertise representing both commercial borrowers and lenders to give you the best possible service and advice.

White Rock Commercial Borrowing and Lending Lawyers

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