Commercial Leasing: Protecting Landlord And Tenant Interests

At Brawn Karras & Sanderson, we offer comprehensive commercial leasing solutions to owners and tenants. By providing thoughtful support and strategic analysis, we help our clients avoid complications so that they can pursue their objectives unencumbered.

Situated in South Surrey and serving clients across the South Surrey-White Rock area and throughout the lower mainland, we are actively engaged in the building and development of our community. We recognize that finding the right commercial leasing solution matters and are here to help.

Commercial Landlord Strategies And Solutions

As a landlord, you have unique needs that require the right solutions. A properly drafted lease agreement will ensure that your interests and investments are protected.

At BKS Law, we will take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your situation from the outset. From the initial drafting of a lease to the negotiations, we will advocate on your behalf and help ensure that you understand any provisions or risks before finalizing.

A Trusted Commercial Tenant Advisor

For business owners and other would-be commercial space tenants, a clear understanding of your lease is critical. The commercial leasing team at BKS Law has extensive experience helping tenants understand their leases and taking measures to avoid potentially costly, time-consuming mistakes or complications.

Commercial leases can be complex. We are here to provide clarity. From identifying hidden or buried clauses to ensuring a strong understanding of your obligations, we help set you up for success. We recognize that there is a lot to consider before signing a commercial lease and will be by your side when you need us.

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